Sacred Circle/Dance

Sacred Circle/Dance is like a kaleidoscope.  When you pick up and look into the kaleidoscope, you at first see different shapes and colors.  Each shape is different yet an important part of the picture.  There is pattern. Next as movement is introduced, the view brings about new forms.  Beautiful changing images emerge from that which was once in stillness.  Sacred Circle/Dance is similar.  Each person brings their unique life experience and interest.  As the music begins, there is beauty in the flow and energy that is created. All together we form a sacred circle that expresses the essence of life through changing patterns of movement and stillness.

Participating in an afternoon or evening of Sacred Circle/Dance promotes a sense of well-being. 

Simple dances are shared. There is a mix of modern and ancient music from different cultures around the world. 

No dance experience is required. One might be hesitant to give it a go because there is this word 'dance'.  Thoughts of 'I can't dance', 'I'm not coordinated', 'I am too self-concious about dancing in front of others' might be present.  Yet know that Sacred Circle/Dance is not about the art of dancing, nor about performance.   In fact, a principle that is shared is to let go of this notion of getting the steps right. Instead know there can be many variations that occur!  What is more important is to play, laugh, and smile at the wonder of discovering something new.  

There is an honoring of community.  As a circle is formed, each person becomes an integral part. Throughout this group activity it is possible to notice the support one receives from others, as well to experience one's contribution to the whole.

It can also be an individual experience.  The attention and focus can be about sensing and noticing what is happening within and for oneself. If you've wondered what does it mean or feel like when one's body and mind are aligned? Sacred Circle/Dance can be a wonderful means to support the exploration and creation of balance and alignment in one's life.

What is the essence of Sacred Circle/Dance?  It is a practice of developing, exploring and deepening one's connection and relationship with one's Mind, Body, Soul and to the source All That Is.  It is an opportunity to awaken, engage, and develop one's sense of awareness while experiencing moments of movement and stillness in the presence of others. 

Catherine is one of several facilitators who offers Sacred Circle/Dances in the Ottawa Outaouais area.  She is a life coach and facilitator and teaches classes in Leadership, Sacred Circle Dance, Creative Self Expression and Subtle Energy Healing techniques

Article written by Catherine Gee and published in TONE magazine November 2013, vol 29 #3.